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My purpose is to form a personal association – with men and women of good faith and noble character who exemplify traditional western values.

The nature of this endeavor is educational – not partisan political and not sectarian.

My intent is not to argue and convince, nor dissuade – via a typical blog or twitter format. What does interest, concern and motivate me is that which interests most Americans and freedom loving men and women worldwide – knowledge, truth and justice.

Joining me in this MISSION are my treasured, lifelong colleagues – and many recent associates who have been fighting for truth and justice – with their bodies, blood, tears, hearts and minds.


The concerns we share today as patriots were embodied in my Spirit of America Charter in 1988 –  which had been outlined in my Campaign for Congress in 1984. Basically, with a few predictable developments, some shocking additions, and many bizarre twists – my core concerns remain remarkably unchanged and are if anything more alarming today than they were three decades ago – during the height of the Reagan Revolution which momentarily revitalized America:


There can be little doubt that each of those major areas are in serious trouble – compounded trouble which arises from a myriad of contributing factors and policies; taken altogether they form a complex, comprehensive and inter-related matrix – that constitutes a virtual death spiral. This perilous, dramatic and steady decline along with the perversion of traditional culture has persisted despite the empty promises and theoretically “progressive” policies of every administration since World War Two.

Obviously, this systematically digressive – State of the Union – has not arisen by accident and will not be reconciled by ignorance, delusion or futile hope. Ignorance has never solved anything and hope is not a method. A detailed list and discussion of these issues – and how to begin to resolve them – will be published here under the category – SPIRIT OF AMERICA. As all right-thinking men know – there is no quick and easy fix – and there is no guarantee of success in winning back America’s hope and promise.


The gravest danger confronting responsible men and women today in resolving these problems and critical issues lies not in a lack of motivation, energy, or courage – but rather, in the doomed-to-failure syndrome exhibited by the well-intentioned, but misinformed or misdirected masses – as noted by Henry David Thoreau: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil – to one who is striking at the root.”

JAKUS St Michael & Dragon MARBLEAccordingly, it is my intent to share my analyses, experiences, research and knowledge on this open-source website with all who are interested and qualified – to strike the root.

In my role as a media commentator, professor and on diplomatic missions – I am often asked to “make some sense” of events in the complex world around us and to bring some order, reality and credibility – out of uncertainty and chaos.

That is at once my task and my challenge – to dispel the false myths, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare polluting our libraries and institutions – thereby distorting reality in the Orwellian media delusions confronting and distracting us daily. Delusions designed for fools and lovers of the puppet theater known as “politics as usual.”

PTUSlies USA AprilFool


Admittedly, this mission is no easy task given the power and breadth of the operative cosmogonic myth known as “The American Dream” and its deep, but questionable roots as evidenced by previous observers:

                “I love the story of Paul Revere, whether he rode or not!”                      President Warren G. Harding, 1923

“Something, which everybody accepts as the Gospel truth – is inevitably false.”   H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

“They call it the American Dream – because you have to be asleep to believe it!” George Carlin, American satirist (1937-2008)

Despite tremendous obstacles – of which I am sure you are aware – we can get there together; we can share commentary, video, music, articles, books and links that are topical, historical or futuristic – on subjects and events critical to 2,000 years of western civilization.   


A noble civilization and culture developed by the good works of our common forefather – Homo Sapiens Sapiens – the predominantly wise, courageous and humane man – as epitomized by Leonardo Da Vinci, Charlemagne, Arminius, Galileo, Copernicus, Martin Luther, Thomas Jefferson and many, many others…who conveyed us their sacred HONOR and precious WISDOM.

leonardo-da-vinci-vitruvian-manTo paraphrase and refine Confucius I would say, “Wisdom, is holding to that which you know and allowing that which you do not.” Amen.



With all of the above in mind, the major categories of interest in the pursuit of wisdom that I will address on this website – and in my published works are as follows: JAKUSworldsUSAmilitaryGS2013spenderT2YW



JAKUS PTUS POSTER 2012Note, that in Plain Talk With Uncle Sam – I will address reader questions through the ostensible point of view of that notional Godfather of all American patriots – Uncle Sam. No doubt his remarks may be shocking, amusing, cynical and satirical – while putting modern issues in historical perspective vis-a-vis the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

My earnest hope is that the shared wisdom, cooperation and brotherhood that arises out of this combined effort – will serve to make for a better America – in a more just, safer, happier and more peaceful world.


SDAcover CAISSON arlington SUICIDEBeyond that, and of SPECIAL INTEREST to me and my fellow veterans – is stopping and reversing the epidemic of suicide that has been raging throughout our Armed Forces since the end of the Vietnam Era and the replacement of our obligatory-service and universal draft “citizen” army – with the highly-paid, professional “volunteer” army  known as VOLAR.

SDAbootsGROUNDfuneral2The unintended consequences of this standing, federal mercenary force have proven to be horrifying; some 22 veterans per day commit suicide and more active duty soldiers are currently dying by their own hand than by enemy fire – 349 in 2012 – or about one per day!

Worse, in FY2009 – 1,868 veterans attempted to commit suicide but failed and many thousands more reported contemplating it – so the actual suicides are only the tip of this macabre iceberg.

In the long run – from 1977-1994 the published  Department of Defense death toll of homicides, self-inflicted and unsolved deaths was reported to be 5,715 soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen – which is roughly the equivalent of either:


SDAwomenBAYONETShonorGUARD2013 (2)The Department of Defense no longer publishes this annual report since the epidemic has worsened dramatically during the course of the Barack H. Obama administration since 2008 – the suicide toll thus far in 2013 is estimated to be 2,372 active duty troops and could exceed 42,705 veterans!

This is a national leadership travesty and a damned bloody tragedy for American families. This SUICIDE EPIDEMIC must stop – and you can – and you should help.


 In the end, promoting and facilitating – “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”– through education, enlightenment and common sense is what this forum is all about. This is a quest for truth and honor – the anathema of lies and delusions – the eternal contest between GOOD and EVIL.

Unfortunately, it is apparent to millions of Americans and erstwhile compatriots worldwide that AMERICA HAS FALLEN – or at best – is teetering on the edge of the ABYSS. It is also obvious that the HEART and SOUL of Western Civilization – our cherished traditions, our noble heritage and spiritual values deserve to be honored and preserved.  We may not be able to immediately save a disintegrating nation – but we can KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

486000_442195305856649_639418605_nMy open question to you is – are you satisfied with your life, with your liberty and with your ability to pursue happiness in America today?

Ask yourself honestly – are you better off today then you were before all the so-called progress of the last 50 years?

If you are not – then take positive ACTION. Take up the ethical challenge with me. Join me in the intellectual and moral fight for HISTORICAL TRUTH and JUSTICE – the HEART and SOUL of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.



With that question, challenge and MISSION in mind – my associates will be able to benefit personally and specifically – from a dynamic range of online educational and research resources – as well as living history adventures and activities:

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T14AAAJAKwo tragic years after the end of World War II – Jack Kingston was christened as Rudolf Reinsprecht – in the Displaced Persons camp nearby Leoben, Austria – in the Alpine province of the Steiermark, within the British Zone of Occupation.


15AGblatchford1952Based on his father’s exemplary service to the British Forces Commander at Zeltweg Airfield and Trofiach, his family was selected and authorized to immigrate to the United States on the Liberty Ship USS Blatchford, which docked at New York Harbor in October of 1952.


After a wonderful boyhood in the colonial townships, historic mountains and seashores of New Jersey, Jack graduated from Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School in 1965. Thereafter, he attended the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina as a US Marine Corps Aviation Cadet during the height of the Vietnam War.

10631_147379167226_2992054_nIn early 1969, he resigned from the Citadel and enlisted in the regular US Army airborne infantry and volunteered for Vietnam; based on his exceptionally high AFQT test scores and troop leadership performance he was instead selected successively for Infantry Officer Candidate School, Airborne Special Forces and Combat Aviation.



While serving as an Aero-Scout Commander in Custer’s abled 7th Cavalry Regiment on the DMZ in Korea – he decided to enter politics to help the US Armed Forces out of the demoralizing Vietnam syndrome; in his quest he was encouraged by Newt Gingrich and President Reagan to resign his Regular Army Commission and campaign for Congress in 1984.


the American Space Frontier Committee, the Coalition for the Strategic Defense Initiative, the Coalition for Peace through Strength, the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, The Retired Officers Association, the Miami Herald, and the Miami-Dade County Republican Committee, along with many others. JAKUSwhiteREAGANhouse1984 (2)During his campaign he was endorsed by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Conservative Political Action Committee, Subsequently, during the volatile Clinton Era, Jack founded and led both the Spirit of America Foundation and the National Security Advisory Board to honor America’s heroes and promote traditional values including the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Supported by his distinguished board of advisers – which included many current and former Presidential advisers, Senators, Congressmen, Ambassadors, Generals, Admirals and highly-decorated war heroes – he successfully campaigned against the startling ascendancy of militant feminists and leftist radicals – and their so-called progressive policies; creating special classes, perverting public education, promoting abortion, homosexual rights, unrestricted immigration, unlimited welfare, mandatory volunteerism and arming women for combat and command.

BUSH 1988Colonel Kingston especially championed the 1st Amendment protecting the Freedoms of Speech, Religion and Association – as well as – the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms; plus – Term Limits for Senators and Congressmen, English First, Border Security and Immigration Enforcement and the Whistle-Blower Protection and Freedom of Information Acts. He used every available media to rally effective support among his 85,000 members in the electorate, the Congress and the White House; his general stance was anti-war, pro-life, pro-states rights, for universal military service, against waste or fraud and abuse, against election and vote fraud, for prosecuting war crimes – and for America First. To that end, he also helped organize the nationwide Military Coalition of 31 major organizations that eventually fought the Clinton Administration to a standstill on several issues critical to veterans and all right-minded Americans.


Thereafter, as the Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board, Colonel Jack Kingston has advised executives, corporations and government agencies at the highest levels. Kingston is also a motivational speaker, author, media commentator, and adjunct professor of history, diplomacy and religion.



JAKUS Healy_Hall_at_Georgetown_University

His academic credentials include a Master of Arts in National Security from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University – as well as – a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree, both with distinction from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Jack is also a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aeronautics Organization (ICAO) licensed commercial pilot qualified in helicopters and complex, high-performance airplanes – as well as – a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)  licensed Open Water Scuba Diver.



Kingston’s numerous media appearances as an international expert include:

  • CNN’s Crisis in the Gulf
  • CNN’s Prime Time News with Wolf Blitzer
  • CBS Prime Time News
  • NBC Evening News
  • US Army Aviation Digest
  • Voice of America
  • Miami Herald
  • Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Diarios Los Americas
  • CARIBE Infopress
  • Radioperiodico Panamerano
  • WNTR’s Battleline Radio
  • SONNTAGSBLICK, Switzerland’s largest Sunday news magazine
  • Europe’s dynamic magazine “NEWS”
  • Vienna’s leading newspaper “Neue Kronen”
  • Israel’s military journal “Born In Battle” 
  • Radio Free Europe
  • Radio Liberty
  • Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Slovenian television.

Not surprisingly, he is listed in Washington’s Yearbook of Authorities and Experts.

25CNNOKBHowever, quite surprisingly to some – his accurate predictions of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the US Capitol were aired live on CNN television news as long ago as 1991 – as was his hard-hitting commentary regarding the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy as it unfolded live on CNN in 1995 – whereby he coined the phrase “homegrown” referring to the bombs and the terrorists.

Additionally, Colonel Kingston has been an eyewitness to the incredible victories and terrible tragedies resulting from American military, intelligence and peacekeeping operations in ongoing regional conflicts worldwide.


A combat arms soldier since 1969 (renowned for his extraordinary skill with weapons, martial arts and marksmanship), Colonel Kingston is a Senior Aviator qualified to fly and command Cobra gunships, as well as Aero-Scout and Air-Assault aircraft.



He qualified as a Green Beret during the Vietnam-Era in 1971, is a Commandant’s List Graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College, and is a 1994 graduate of the elite Army War College.




As a senior General Staff Officer responsible for Joint Special Operations, Jack Kingston has served in SOCSOUTH (Latin America), SOCCCENT (Middle East) and SOCEUR (Europe) – and has completed numerous tours of the Balkan war zone since 1992.




Colonel Kingston has played key roles in multinational operations in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Panama, Korea, Cyprus. Kenya and Russia – as well as – the conflict zones in Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia and the Sudan.


Since 1980 Kingston has authored, or edited, a multitude of innovative articles and reports recommending reforms and initiatives in international affairs, including: RSUSWFC94ADpage9 AAA

  • The Middle East: Geo-Political Fault Line
  • Air-Land Battle 2000
  • The Impact of Television in Vietnam
  • Back to the Future: U.S. War-Fighting Capability to 2020
  • U.S. Special Operations Forces, Equipment and Technology
  • Profile in Professionalism; US Military Support Group Panama
  • Civil Affairs in the Persian Gulf
  • US Army Special Operations Forces – State of the Art 1990
  • America Must Lead
  • Restructuring US War-Fighting Capability


His work in high-technology, joint-force combat developments in the 1970 -1980’s earned him numerous awards and the title of Honorary Editor, US Army Aviation Digest for his cutting-edge “combat power” articles.


Most remarkably, Colonel Kingston’s innovative articles and recommendations contributed to the Secretary of Defense’s Commission on the Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces – which formed the basis for the joint forces organization and operational combat strategy being employed today.





10631_147379162226_5822572_n In 1995, Lt. Colonel Kingston was nominated to the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as Strategic Planner for Europe and was attached to the US Military Academy, at West Point, as Deputy Director of Operations, Plans and Security. His last active military assignment was as Deputy Chief of the Joint Military Commission for Task Force Eagle in Bosnia – thereafter he was selected for promotion to Colonel prior to retiring in 1997.

10631_147379157226_7389768_nDuring the Presidential Elections of 1984 – Jack won the active support of President Reagan, Vice-President Bush, Newt Gingrich and his Young Turks in the House of Representatives, plus key Senators, Governors, Flag Officers and Ambassadors.

SPEAKER NEWT JANNI JAK 1995 He won the endorsements and the financial support of the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, the Committee for Survival of a Free Congress and the National Conservative Political Action Committee – to run as the Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 19th District representing the City of Miami and Dade County.

21JEBchairmanMIAMIcampaign1984Tom Fielder, Political Editor of the Miami Herald, described Jack’s “Peace Through Strength” and “Running for America” congressional campaign during the Reagan Revolution and national defense build-up as, “the most sophisticated, high-tech campaign challenge mounted in South Florida history.”


20JAKmiamiRODEO1984ADuring his campaign Jack was endorsed by his friend Republican County Chairman Jeb Bush, latter to become Governor of Florida. It was after this dynamic and challenging point in his highly public career that his media and political consultants and senior military mentors advised him to change his name from the Germanic  Reinsprecht to the Anglo-Saxon Kingston.


Subsequently, his public popularity surged and based on the breadth and depth of his public speeches and professional writings – the Heritage Foundation has identified him as a public policy expert in both International and Domestic Affairs.



His most recent diplomatic missions for the Departments of State and Defense were in critical, hot-conflict zones:

  • in Kosovo as Head of the Situation Center, for Head of Mission, OSCE-UNMIK 
  • in the Republic of Georgia as Operations Manager, Military Reform Program
  • in Sudan and Kenya as Field Commander of the VMT patrols in Equatoria


16JANNETTA1Since 1988, he has been married to Jannetta Alexandra Kingston, nee’ Maljarowa  – former Master of Sports and twice National Gymnastics Champion of the Soviet Union. Their wedding at the historic US Army Chapel on Fort Myer was officiated by Chaplain, Brigadier General James Hutchens and attended by friends, family and a host of dignitaries including; Ambassadors from Croatia and Slovenia, Military Attaches from Germany and Russia, the Commander-in-Chief of USCENTCOM, the Director of the National Guard and the Staff Judge Advocate of the US Army.


Wedding Arlington Cemetery Chapel

Native to Alpine Austria – Kingston is fluent in German and Serbo-Croatian – speaks Russian, Spanish, and Polish – and studies Latin.

He and his bride are equestrians who enjoy their mountain ponies amid a rugged outdoor lifestyle of hiking, sailing, ocean cruises and sport  aircraft – as well as – their pet German Shepherd, wild deer and birds.

Pict0001Colonel Kingston is currently working on several book, DVD and movie projects: 

  • “SUICIDE: The Destruction of America’s Army”
  • “GREEN BERET SECRETS: How to Love More, Eat Better and Live Longer”
  • “OF GOD and COUNTRY”