Police Rules Of Engagement – DEADLY FORCE FREE-FOR-ALL?

POLICE STATE USA: Mother “legally” executed on Capitol Hill

GIVEN: The US Armed Forces are required to publish and obey strict Rules of Engagement for troops, ships and aircraft in combat against enemy forces.

GIVEN: The Department of Justice requires precisely tailored Rules of Engagement be published to FBI Hostage Rescue Teams prior to their deployment in domestic law-enforcement  operations.

GIVEN: Extensive and increasingly frequent use of massive deadly force by civilian police against US citizens in domestic law-enforcement operations.

QUESTION: What are the rules of engagement and use of deadly force restrictions governing the use of DEADLY FORCE by police against American citizens?

ANSWER: Shoot only to prevent serious bodily injury or death to yourself or others by known or suspected armed felons. Shooting at fleeing misdemeanor suspects or retreating or non-resisting, unarmed persons is prohibited. Discharging firearms in circumstances that would endanger innocent persons or hostages is prohibited.

CONCLUSION: Based on the hundreds of recent cases involving police violations of their own de jure rules and public laws – the operative, de facto policy appears to be shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later; or cook-up justification based on false evidence and contrived lies after the videos are confiscated and eyewitnesses are beaten, arrested or intimidated.

This POLICE STATE REALITY is most apparent in the recent tragedy that claimed the life of Miriam Carey on Capitol Hill. The police actually surrounded her car in a 360 degree firing squad within a radius of less than 10 meters and proceeded to beat, punch, kick and shoot into her car. Their justification for this fatal, uncontrolled frenzy was that they had to act in the unlikely event that she was armed or had a bomb.

So, we are to believe that highly-trained CAPITOL HILL POLICE and US SECRET SERVICE professionals are taught to approach a suspected car-bomb and kick and punch the bomb-laden vehicle – and if it does not detonate – to shoot into it from all sides with pistols – at arms length.

Ditto for a “suspected” young black female “terrorist” with her child who could maybe possibly be armed (but actually was NOT) with a machine-gun or grenade launcher or flamethrower – the police shoot at the suspect with a pistol? They shoot in uncontrolled, individual rapid fire – while standing in a close circle that endangers themselves and their fellow officers – without any prior coordination or responsible decision or decisive command?¬† The justification to shoot and kill is that somebody other than the surrounded suspect started firing?


America’s fabled “police discretionary power” has now become the instantaneous power to kill without mercy or reprieve – by impromptu firing squads shooting unarmed suspects – unloading¬† several high-capacity magazines at close range in seconds – using high-performance Black Talon or Eagle Claw hollow-point bullets that will explode your head – or tear out your heart and lungs.

The hospital emergency room surgeon in one recent case remarked that he was unable to discern how many police bullet wounds had punctured the unarmed 19 year-old victim’s body.

Welcome to Checkpoint America – a 24/7 Free-Fire-Zone and 360 Degree Mobile Firing Squad for the omnipotent and omniscient police; the rule is Surrender-or-Die and Shelter-In-Place for everybody else.

Recalling America’s Golden Age during the 50’s and 60’s – “Officer Friendly” has become “Officer Deadly” and “Car 54 – Where Are You?” has become “54 Cars Why Are You All Here?”

PS: As my colleague William Norman Grigg has written – “We Are All Iraqi’s Now.”

Sad and scary days for the American people, Colonel Jack