Capitol Police and US Secret Service – KILL YOUNG MOTHER



by Colonel Jack Kingston

City of Washington D.C. USA, October 4th, 2013

First – the uniformed Secret Service police alarm a mother driving with her 1.5 year-old child on a city street nearby the maze of White House barricades.

When the frightened driver freezes – a dozen policemen overreact and surround her with guns drawn – in her face at point-blank range.

Not surprisingly, the terrified young African-American mother panics and tries to drive away – which results in a fusillade of uncontrolled police gunfire into the car carrying the fleeing mother and her toddler child.

In the ensuing chase – a fat and frantic policeman inexplicably crashes his cruiser head-on into a barricade at high-speed and was hospitalized sirens blaring.

Within minutes, the hyper-adrenalized police army goes into attack mode and rolls several heavily armed SWAT teams, the Secret Service, and the FBI – including armored fighting vehicles with machine guns.

The police continue to over-react and shut down the capitol complex, the White House, the National Mall and central DC – and order the shocked Congress to barricade themselves in their buildings – “shelter-in-place” – during the counter-terror operation.

When the victim’s car was blocked-in – the police pulled her child out of the car. Predictably, the distraught mother tried to get out – presumably to rescue her child.

The police confronted only with an unarmed, frantic woman – shot the mother to death by firing dozens of high-velocity, hollow-point rounds into her body while she was running away on foot or sitting in her car – take your pick of the various published versions of the victims last moments in the shadow of the hallowed Capitol Dome.

A terrified young mother shot to death on Capitol Hill – for failing to obey police orders, while surrounded at gunpoint – what is wrong with this picture? Who gave the order to open fire – and why? Why does the flight of one woman require dozens of guns to be aimed at her and fired in several uncontrolled volleys?

The police immediately claimed that the terrified victim “rammed a barricade” – but her car shows no evidence of her having rammed or hit anything – but videos do show police cruisers ramming her car.

Of course and as always, the civilian police brass wearing the imposing four stars of military war lords claim to have followed the “standard correct procedure” when dealing with a potential terrorist threat – this “killing was justified” as defending America from a “possible bomb” or “unknown” terror. The Congress rose in a long standing ovation  to honor their “heroic” police defenders and the Republic was saved once again form the jaws of death and terror.

Note that – something “unknown” is legal evidence of nothing. An unknown is certainly not justification for deadly force. Most especially NOT – when the known facts are an unarmed, and fleeing mother with her child in broad daylight.

Obviously, America’s endless terror war – inflicting very similar such incidents on the besieged and helpless civilian drivers of Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya, et al – has now come home through the ominous manifestation of the de facto federal Homeland Army – America’s trigger-happy, glory-hound, combat-uniformed, attack-oriented police – our so-called Hostage Rescuers.

Of course also, ever caring and mindful of their duty to protect and serve all of us “hostages” – the police have taken the slain mother’s toddler into “protective custody” for the “safety and welfare” of the child.

JUST FOR THE RECORD: In Old America it was illegal for police to shoot at fleeing felons or to shoot armed criminals in the back – much less to shoot wildly at a confused driver (possibly on anti-depressant drugs) who has committed no crime other than a possible misdemeanor or unintentional traffic violation in the complex high-security maze of metropolitan DC city streets.

Fleeing the police – it should be noted – does not constitute resistance, nor threat of violence, nor an assault – nor is it evidence of terror – except that of the victim.

Given all the many thousands of televised and glamorized scenes of the police savagely beating, electrocuting, choking and severely maiming handcuffed, immobilized motorists should it surprise anyone that innocent, but terrified Americans – flee for their lives at the sight of a police war-party descending on them sirens shrieking?

Tomorrow it could be you…

No joy, Prof. Jack

PS: What say the pundits and racists now about the Zimmerman-Martin “racist-profiling murder-execution” brouhaha?