Dear Friends and Fellow Americans:

Since my last open letter to you from Charleston in 2009 –  not much has changed for the better in America and the real State of the Union has certainly changed for the worse. During this time no less than 50,000 visitors – have contacted me or have stopped by to read what I have had to say here and on my movie database professional page – as well as on my Facebook pages for friends and Alumni.

Unfortunately, after four decades of certifiable honorable service to America worldwide, I find myself still virtually stunned into disbelief by the decline of our great nation, by the accelerating degeneration of our national identity, by the trashing of our once treasured culture and the demoralization of our wonderful people.

During these rather forlorn and discouraging years since my retirement from our Armed Forces and commensurate with my subsequent service in diplomatic, international police and humanitarian missions overseas, I have been patiently praying for America’s leaders to reverse these trends and earnestly hoping for America’s grass roots to clear out the weeds in our garden from the bottom up. By every and any measure – that has not happened – and may at this stage – never happen.

In my opinion – AMERICA HAS FALLEN – and the good guys are not coming to the rescue. That is the considered opinion of many professionals and ordinary people from all walks of life in America, Europe and the world. Worse it seems the good guys have become the bad guys and the bad guys have become the good guys. American society has been turned inside out, upside down and backwards; right is wrong and wrong is right. The two legs holding up the dysfunctional government are – EXTERNAL WAR and INTERNAL POLICE. Not a pretty picture.


This is certainly not the first major CRISIS IN AMERICA – but it may well be the last.

Indeed, one of America’s founding fathers published a series of pamphlets from 1776 to 1783 during the American Revolution entitled, “The American Crisis.”  The anonymous author was the eighteenth century enlightenment philosopher Thomas Paine who signed them simply as “Common Sense.” The first volume begins with the famous words, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Recalling that chilling prologue, these truly are the times when America’s best and brightest at every level of endeavor and every profession can no longer wait for the so-called silent majority to wake-up – nor can we expect to develop effective populist leadership when America’s meme fascinated masses are no more awake than Zombies.

This crisis is upon us for many complex and ominous reasons, several of which are:

  • America’s ruling “majority” is a “supra-minority” coalition of special classes
  • America’s natural hierarchy based on merit has been inverted and perverted
  • America’s waking state is a programmatic, delusional television reality
  • America’s mandatory public education fosters arrested development

Added to that programmed national chaos are the 200,000 legal and illegal foreign immigrants pouring across our borders from hostile and third-world lands every month who are flooding our heartland with non-assimilating, radical sectarian, hardened criminal and anti-American cadres, cultures and nationalities.

Shockingly, this foreign invasion army at the grass roots is fostered, enabled and protected by an elite cadre of dual-nationals who hold the highest political appointments requiring unquestionable trust and responsibility at the most critical and security sensitive positions across the full spectrum of the government of America. Despite all the safeguards explicit in the Constitution and federal regulations, the National Command Authority of the United States is largely governed and directed by dual-nationals – people who owe allegiance to another nation. How do they serve two masters and what are their priorities? How could this happen and why?


That is why today, America’s greatest cities and institutions are virtually alien lands, under foreign control, speaking foreign languages, worshiping foreign religions, honoring foreign princes, sporting titles of nobility and demanding foreign cultural rights. Our once great centers of industry and classical traditions like Detroit are bankrupt morally and economically – their ideological infrastructure is rotten and their physical structures (homes, schools, roads, bridges, factories) are rotting, under foreclosure by the Sheriff or up for auction. No less than 32 of the 50 states are now bankrupt including the ominous giants – California, New York and Michigan. Our banks are bankrupt and our largest financial, insurance and manufacturing  corporations have repetitively  reaped huge taxpayer funded “bailout” payments totaling untold hundreds of billions of  dollars. Nonetheless, the billionaire Directors and CEO’s that bankrupted these huge commercial enterprises continue to reap hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in salaries, bonuses and golden parachutes. In stark contrast – millions of ordinary, hard-working taxpayers are losing their homes, savings, investments and pensions. These dichotomous, cataclysmic trends are accelerating and expanding.

By any measure, this is not a temporary recession – it is an exceptionally severe depression – and a diabolically contrived national disaster. America is certainly not “in recovery” – America is spiraling towards the abyss. Indeed, as already noted many claim with certainty that the once great American Olympus has fallen – while others condemn it as “The Great Satan.”


In fact, far beyond mere bad economics, the real State of the Union is a disastrous caldron more and more often described as approaching or warranting a “Second Revolution” than the glorious tomes and ringing tones voiced by the various Presidents in their annual address before Congress. The Presidents of both parties have consistently issued an exceedingly positive and grossly false public statement of America’s national security, social welfare and economic status every year – despite every contravening official government and private report. Why? Why do they LIE? Why does the Congress in Assembly along with the Supreme Court and the Cabinet, publicly applaud what they know to be LIES? And, why have all the official reports of national progress – resulted in catastrophic digression, recession and depression?

  • WHY – has this happened?
  • HOW – could ALL of this happen?
  • WHO – could allow this to happen?

The answer is revealed by the age-old question of “Qui Bono” – who benefits?

  • WHO – benefits from this contrived CHAOS?
  • WHO – benefits from America’s demise?
  • WHO – does not benefit, who are the victims?

Ergo, the WHO, WHY and HOW are easily observable and verifiable; it is those who are profiting, those who are promoting and those who are enabling this controlled destruction – they are responsible, and not those who have been victimized, criminalized or rendered irrelevant as “disabled” citizens.


Indeed, during the past 50 years or so – millions of innocent Americans have been criminalized, physically brutalized and impoverished by the relentless federal paramilitary system under various “good government” ploys illogically entitled as wars:

  • The War on Drugs
  • The War on Crime
  • The War on Poverty
  • The War on Ignorance
  • The War on Waste
  • The War on Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • The War on Gun Violence

These major national wars have been further compounded by dozens of theoretically “progressive” federal campaigns that have not been classified as “wars” per se – but which are full-blown, police-state offensives – with even more devastating effects than some of the titular wars above. For example:

  • Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrests
  • “Arrive Alive – Drive 55”
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Stop Greenhouse Gases
  • Protect the Environment
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Child Abuse
  • Dead-Beat Dads
  • Hate Speech
  • Mandatory Voluntarism
  • Child Sex Education
  • Safe Sex – Wear A Condom
  • Forced School Busing
  • Multicultural Integration
  • Affirmative Action
  • Positive Discrimination
  • Equal Pay
  • Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell
  • Gay and Lesbian Rights
  • Abortion Rights
  • A Woman’s Right to Choose

Those programmatic examples cover just about the full range of human endeavor; they constitute the core of the communist litany of deadly Orwellian catchwords in a war-oriented, paramilitary-police-state hunting for extremists and fixated on glory.


Today, in the fall of 2009 the new rubric under which ordinary patriots and honorable veterans – as well as apolitical free-thinkers or right-minded civic activists – will be ensnared and persecuted is the label ofEXTREMIST.

In the same manner as the old rubric terms “Anti-Terrorism“ and “The Global War On Terror” – the label “extremist” is an ambiguous, but very incendiary term which should have no more legal, moral or judicial validity than “witch” or “heretic.” Unfortunately, that is exactly how and why it was chosen; as an epithet it is an undeniable accusation which can be used to attract and empower altruistic police and secret investigative forces. The police are thereby motivated to aggressively employ every extreme measure and means available, including overwhelming deadly force, to combat any “extreme” threat – however imaginary. Extremists by definition – require extreme police methods, extreme prosecution and extreme punishment.

This carefully crafted psychological operations strategy, along with a host of ancillary government policies and vague threat profiles aggravated by popular fiction, Hollywood movies and Orwellian TV programming – have hyped the specter of “domestic violence” and armed revolution in America. This alarming theme is prevailing – at a time when and where  logic would dictate that peace and prosperity could and should be prevailing; based on the much ballyhooed Cold  War victory and the allegedly successful democratic model exemplified by the world’s last remaining super-power. Instead, we are confronted with more and more potential violence and extreme threats from all sides including most directly and immediately from our own government, theoretically for our own protection! While claiming more and more success – the federal government is concurrently claiming we are in ever greater danger.  That theory is nonsense.


In short – America is being corrupted, perverted, infiltrated, subverted and transmogrified from within and from without – while the descendants of the Founding Fathers – our normal, law-abiding and traditional citizens are being demonized, criminalized, persecuted, prosecuted and incarcerated at world-record rates. The government of America appears to be waging a relentless and endless war on the people of America on multiple fronts and on many different levels; is that the lawful, ethical role of our government? What exactly does the government owe the American people? What are the issues that are confronting the average citizen and why?

The following CRITICAL NATIONAL ISSUES are in my opinion, salient national security problems that are easily identified by any casual reading of the daily news:

  1. Aggressive wars of conquest for profit & corporations
  2. The Military-Industrial-Complex dictates policy & programs
  3. Exorbitant foreign & military aid to allies & rogue nations
  4. Federalization & foreign deployment of the National Guard
  5. Militarization & federalization of civil police agencies
  6. Government bankruptcy, deficit spending & the federal debt
  7. Unlimited US Congressional terms & political campaign spending
  8. Nullification of the Constitution as written & intended
  9. Invalidation or violation of virtually the entire Bill of Rights
  10. The federal war on Anglo-Saxon & European Christian men
  11. The federal war on the traditional generic family; mother, father, children
  12. Creation of special classes based on race, gender, sex & religion
  13. Tax fraud, waste and abuse & taxation without representation
  14. Vote & election fraud – at every level, federal, state, county
  15. Unethical legislative influence by lobbyists & special interests
  16. Dual nationals holding high positions in US national security
  17. Covert operations & fraudulent investigative reports
  18. WTC 911 Commission Report cover-up and failed defenses
  19. Presidential illegitimacy based on invalid citizenship criteria
  20. Torture,  kidnapping, detention & assassination as national policy
  21. State & regional secessionist movements & organizations

The issues enumerated above come readily to the fore in any conversation or communication in every corner of America and in virtually every forum; political, military, academic, religious and even recreational. Failure or malfeasance in any one of these factors would be a very serious indictment of a competent, responsible person in his private affairs – let alone in the official performance of the extensively educated, exorbitantly paid and highly-privileged “perfumed princes” that Lord it over 313 million trusting and subject Americans. Yet, curiously – virtually none of the cohort of many thousands of elected and appointed officials responsible for this myriad of grossly negligent failures to govern – has been prosecuted, convicted or imprisoned. Certainly, none of the ringleaders.


This rule by hypocrisy is manifested as criminal injustice across the full spectrum of government and impacts individuals, villages, states, nations and even continents – it is certainly not a new development in America – but it has become dramatically worse in the past few decades. The government and the citizens of America have for two centuries reveled in this hypocrisy as America’s “exceptionalism” and claim their Manifest Destiny to rule whole hemispheres, nations and peoples by military force.

Some rather horrific examples of this rule by hypocrisy are obvious to most Europeans and many citizens worldwide – and thankfully to America’s best and brightest:

  • America while proclaiming FREEDOM and EQUALITY was a SLAVE STATE
  • America committed the GENOCIDE of millions of NATIVE AMERICANS
  • America subjugated the AFRICANS, INDIANS and LATIN AMERICANS
  • America has invaded or bombed virtually every NATION or REGION on EARTH
  • America maintains a DEFENSE Department that conducts FOREIGN WARS
  • America  claims a NATIONAL SECURITY interest in virtually EVERY NATION
  • America has the HIGHEST LEVEL of CRIMINAL VIOLENCE worldwide
  • America has the LARGEST PRISON POPULATION worldwide
  • America has the MOST PRISONERS CONDEMNED to DEATH worldwide
  • America’s POLITICAL SYSTEM is openly based on LEGAL BRIBERY
  • America’s DOUBLE JEOPARDY justice system imposes GROSS INJUSTICE
  • America exemplifies the SECRET SURVEILLANCE STATE worldwide
  • America’s police BEAT AND KILL the citizens they are SWORN TO PROTECT
  • America’s SECRET AGENCIES target lawful DOMESTIC and FOREIGN citizens
  • America is notorious for ASSASSINATIONS of POPULAR PRESIDENTS
  • America is infamous for STARTING WARS BASED ON LIES
  •  America runs a network of SECRET KIDNAP & TORTURE PRISONS worldwide

In summary, America usually claims to be the victim – but is usually the perpetrator. The government routinely LIES, CHEATS and STEALS as a function of absolute power. This includes publishing a deluge of FICTIONAL BOOKS, SAVAGE DIGITAL WAR GAMES, FABULOUS SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES and DIABOLICAL DISINFORMATION PROGRAMS while censoring or subverting works of REAL HISTORY, ACCURATE DOCUMENTARIES and VALID INVESTIGATIONS..

Although quite often an overwhelming majority of Americans do not believe the government reports on critical issues – no justice ensues – instead criminal injustice triumphs. The government simply issues a falsified report, or empowers a whitewash commission, or simply stonewalls the public requests for investigation or documents. In the end, America is ruled by hypocrisy; the self-serving ideological concept of American exceptional-ism is used to except it from the rule of law. The public record is unambiguous; many of America’s past and present actions are certifiably above our outside the law – thereby it has characterized itself on principle and by deed – as an outlaw state.


Although many sources claim that the USA is “in danger of becoming a police state” – the reality is that it has been an exceptionally virulent, brutal and aggressive police state – for decades.

At the national level – there are 65 federal law enforcement agencies and 27 offices of inspector general that employ full time personnel authorized to make arrests and carry firearms. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2004 the largest employers of Federal officers were U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Federal Bureau of Prisons, the FBI, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, each with over 10,000 officers. Federal officers’ duties include police response and patrol, criminal investigation and enforcement, inspections, security and protection, court operations, and corrections. 

Additionally, there are more than 17,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States, ranging in size from one officer to more than 30,000 – with approximately 800,000 sworn police officers plus reserves and auxilaries.

This combined, albeit extemporaneous national police force (federal, state, county, municipal) – numbers close to ONE MILLION and is anything but the proverbial “thin blue line” – it functions more or less as a de facto HOMELAND ARMY. It has metamorphosed into a formidable para-military armed force whose elitist officers by word and deed consider themselves to be a separate and special class above ordinary “civilians.” These ostensible civilian police often wear two hats and two uniforms –  they rotate in and out of military combat assignments in war zones overseas – and have thereby become highly militarized in rank insignia, uniforms, armor, weapons, ammunition, fighting vehicles and killing versus policing operations. Too many now shoot to kill and ask questions later – with no excuses or apologies offered to their innocent victims.

Unfortunately, the suicide rate per 100,000 among these self-possessed elite professionals who ostensibly live only to “protect and serve” lesser mortals is 50% higher than that of the general public – 18 versus 12 – and when corrected for race, age and sex that ratio is even higher. 

Regarding complaints of police abuse – reliable surveys indicate that 1 in 4.7 officers report that they have committed abuses of their authority or acts of brutality – that is 21% of 800,000 or 168,000 admitted law breakers among the law enforcers – which does not include repeat offenders or serial offenders, of which there are many. 

Beyond those chilling estimates – a snapshot of a few recent years reveals chilling hardcore data; circa 5,000 officers have been charged with crimes per year, 422,000 citizens were the subject of force in 1999, no less than 389 citizens suffered fatal injuries due to police misconduct from April 2009 to June 2010.

Currently, an estimated 40,000 PARAMILITARY SWAT team raids are conducted annually in the USA – no less than 109 every day – spread across all fifty states – but concentrated in major metro areas. Estimates of SWAT raids gone awry (wrong house, wrong person, false/defective warrant) vary from 1% to 30% or more – which yields between 400 to 12,000 victimized households or persons every year! Statistically, during the past decade that equates to an estimated 120,000 unlawful deadly and ruthless “no-knock” at midnight home invasions by law enforcement!

A few of the most egregious cases that transcend mere police brutality even in third world nations are readily available online – but there are many, many more:


In terms of malicious violence and the scope of tragedy involved – the above cited  cases border on the unbelievable. Documented police actions include: gassing, shooting and burning alive 74 men, women and children; shooting a 12 year old boy in the back with an assault rifle at close range and then shooting his mother (who was holding her baby) in the face with a high-powered sniper rifle; beating and anally sodomizing a hand-cuffed prisoner with a police baton in a police station bath room; a swarm of police savagely beating, kicking and breaking the bones of a prostate driver lying on the ground using batons and boots.

For all of these reasons, many Americans and most of the rest of the world are wary of police contact in the USA to the point that many “civilians” and some police jurisdictions (most notably Sheriffs) are themselves forming organizations  to combat this so-called “emerging trend.”  


Despite the concurrent impact of ALL of these tragic issues and derivative critical developments (or maybe because of them) – one still hears the stupefying bottom line to virtually every public and private lamentation as, “America is the greatest country on earth.”

Indeed, America is with little doubt – the most powerful, most dangerous and most militarized, imperialistic nation on earth with over 800 military bases in 190 nations worldwide. This less than benign “arsenal of democracy” has the highest count of nations conquered, nations subjugated, nations occupied and enemies wounded, captured or killed – directly or indirectly – of any nation on earth. America is also notorious for the highest civilian body count as a result of putative “collateral damage” wrought by it’s weapons of mass destruction; heavy artillery, block-buster bombs, white-phosphorous shells, incendiary bombs,  naval shellfire and poison chemicals – as well as – radioactive Uranium warheads and inhuman nuclear weapons.

As a tragic fact of historical reality, the United States remains the first and only nation to have incinerated two major civilian metropolitan centers using atomic bombs to instantly vaporize, burn alive or dismember an estimated 250,000 human beings; grandfathers, grandmothers, pregnant women, school children, babies, hospital patients, teachers, nurses, doctors, priests, farmers, countless livestock and even Allied prisoners of war. Hundreds of thousands more suffered mutilation, disfigurement, birth defects, genetic mutations, poisoned food and water – and unspeakable cruelty that continue to this day.

Despite the idealistic political rhetoric of LIBERATION and DEMOCRACY propagated endlessly before, during and after the  propaganda associated with World War Two the United States has aggressively attacked far and wide outside its claimed Manifest Destiny in the  Western Hemisphere and essentially conquered the traditional centers of power in Asia, Arabia and Europe – and inexplicably remains there today as the dominant occupying military power with “boots on the ground:”

  • In Germany since 1919/1945 – 94/68 years
  • In Japan since 1945 – 68 years
  • In Korea since 1953 – 60 years
  • In Iraq since 1991/2003 – 22/10 years
  • In Afghanistan since 2001 – 12 years

The harsh reality is – America is indeed the greatest among nations – at least according to all the wrong parameters:

  • aggressive war
  • war crimes
  • nuclear weapons
  • military weapons sales
  • covert operations
  • assassinations
  • election fraud
  • crime
  • violence
  • racism
  • police brutality
  • prisons
  • executions
  • injustice
  • taxation
  • corruption
  • abortions
  • suicides
  • missing children
  • poverty
  • illiteracy
  • drug abuse
  • psychopathic disorders
  • obesity
  • bankruptcy
  • indebtedness
  • media monopoly
  • obscenity
  • prostitution
  • sexual perversion and offenses

In the end, this POLITICAL PARADOX may be the single greatest (albeit, most subtle) danger to America; the stark contradiction that while voicing their very accurate observations and reasonable complaints, however disjointed – America’s erstwhile citizens are compelled through fear or ignorance to conclude that the state about which they are complaining is “the greatest achievement of mankind on the planet throughout history.” This syndrome is delusional – and becoming more deleterious with every passing year. Fundamentally, as cited in The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe – there is “no more perfect slave than the slave who thinks he is free.” To which I might with great confidence add – there exists no more perfect tyranny than that state which has convinced it victims that they are the masters of their own terrible fate. This paradox is a classic communist manifestation; a happy, poor, powerless, docile slave – doomed to an inevitable and incontestable fate – in a delusional state of ideologically perfect equality.

Resist that slave fate and that perfect state of delusion, and you risking being labeled as an extremist – whatever that means; which could result in your extraordinary rendition, torture by “enhanced techniques” and indefinite detention in a secret military prison.

Recall President Bush’s dire warning, “You are either with us – or against us!”


Given these alarming developments, it should come as no surprise that constitutionally protected populist and resistance movements have arisen to counter-act or resist that which to many Americans appears to be their inevitable fate, amid a tragic national demise. It should come as no surprise, but it is certainly surprising – to find that a long list of organizations, in no less than 29 of the United States are operating as credible and active secessionist movements. It is significant that organizations in 60% of America’s states have citizens who are employing legal means to secede from the Union.

Ominously, this populist earthquake is quietly gathering force – some 144 years after the end of the Civil War and only 19 years after America’s Cold War victory – at the end of “The American Century” of wars for peace, freedom and democracy. The general goal of most of these secessionists and movements – is to re-establish a Republic independent from Washington and specifically, to establish a citizen-controlled government – as originally conceived under the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

However, in stark contrast the largest of these secessionist movements are regional, race-based initiatives that are actually quite hostile to America’s founding fathers, foster nations, dominant races, the Republic and the Constitution; specifically these are the Old Mexico “Atzlan” and the New Africa “Kwanza” movements. Despite every possible concession and affirmative advantage since 1965, plus free housing, free food and free welfare benefits – the advocates and associates of Kwanza now demand capital and monetary  reparations for slavery and continue to cry that there has been “no dialogue on race in America.” This perennial outcry despite their spectacular progress from a de facto apartheid status to conquering the White House and scoring major advances in the Congress along with critical Cabinet and Supreme Court positions – plus most big city mayoral, police commissioner and judicial chairs. After half a century of attaining civil rights that are far more than equal; they still declare “we have a long way to go” and  intone the 1960’s refrain “we shall overcome someday.” Which begs the question – who and what do they intend to overcome – and how?


Curiously, and stranger than fiction – the nexus of all these issues has come together with the phenomenal election and astounding re-election of a brilliant man – Barack Hussein Obama. By any measure he is a practiced, likeable and telegenic orator; but his birthplace, nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, immigration and political ideology are questionable, uncertain and largely undocumented. Quite logically, if the President has not been correctly and publicly certified as a legally electable “natural-born” citizen of the United States; then by the government’s exquisitely crafted, extensively promulgated and fully operative security criteria – his loyalty and trustworthiness must be in serious doubt and demand extensive investigation. One might reasonably expect, at least as much investigation and certification as any other legal immigrant, military recruit, FBI agent, West Point cadet, judge or CIA officer would undergo – who do not have the latitude to simply certify themselves fully-qualified to hold office by their own signature.

After all – there certainly can be no more profound threat – to the viability, validity and credibility of the Constitution of the United States of America – then to have inaugurated a potentially illegal African born, Indonesian immigrant with a Muslim background as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces during ongoing wars with Islamic forces worldwide;  a charming, but superficial orator of illusory background who presides over the National Security Council, appoints Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges, and controls the Congress as head of the ruling political party, while also appointing and controlling the Attorney General – along with the Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury and the Federal Reserve Chairman, plus some 3,000 other Senior Executive Service officials at his will and pleasure. If the President of the United States is illegitimate – so is each and every subordinate appointed government official and Presidential  Commission – along with every Presidential executive order, federal judicial ruling, treaty, decision and policy. It’s just that simple!

Unfortunately, although elementary – that was the most profound CONSTITUTIONAL PARADOX confronting America in 2009 – and it still is today, five years later.

The full ramifications of this incredible issue involve a stunning spectacle of dishonesty, a demoralizing lack of integrity and a gross malfeasance of office – across the full spectrum of America’s governmental officials and electorate. Indeed, the constitutional legitimacy of the President of the United States and his credibility were unraveling far short of his first year in office and yet he was somehow quite handily re-elected. Although it appears that he will routinely leave office in 2016 without impeachment – this issue of Presidential validity will become increasingly critical to America’s national survival in the coming decades.


It is a well-publicized fact that the US government is virtually bankrupt in federal operating funds, routinely amasses annual budget deficits exceeding 800 MILLION dollars and is therefore incapable of paying off a national debt estimated to be circa 17 TRILLION dollars. That amounts to a nationally imposed debt burden of $189,000 per citizen or $751,000 per family of four. This national insolvency persists despite imposing on American workers a fundamentally unrepresented federal taxation that takes an average 35% of our direct income including hard-earned retirement pensions – plus in some states another 12% for state taxes – and then takes yet more in local real estate, value-added, gasoline, sales and other taxes. What does that leave us? To add insult to injury the US Government further misuses the annual FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS it collects in taxes and the ADDITIONAL TRILLION it illicitly creates in deficit spending to conduct undeclared global terror wars – for the profit of private international corporations, banks and foreign interests.

In the end, the citizens of America get WAR and TAXES for their labors – ENDLESS WARS, ENDLESS TAXES and ENDLESS DEBT. Is this horrific rubric what the government owes American citizens – or the world? The US government has troops or military missions in some 190 nations worldwide and has arbitrarily subdivided the world militarily into US Unified Commands under imperial Commanders-in-Chief. These commanders who report only to the President, control at least 8 Nuclear Carrier Battle Groups carrying some 70 strike aircraft each – plus some 14 Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarines deployed in every ocean carrying 244 long-range nuclear missiles – along with hundreds of Strategic Nuclear Bomber Aircraft and land-based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – altogether armed with an arsenal of circa 6,000 nuclear warheads. In real terms, that means the US National Command Authority can literally destroy every nation, every city and every human being several times over in a matter of minutes – not hours, not days, not years.

The rather harsh and potentially fatal reality of this “American Exceptionalism” should be of concern to every American, every nation and every citizen of the world. In fact, this military-industrial-complex Leviathan has been the subject of dire public warnings by the best of American Presidents from Washington to Eisenhower and Kennedy – yet it continues to grow and mutate consuming whole nations while killing innocent millions of human beings – seemingly driven by remote-control with a secret mind of its own. Surely, this is not the rightful purpose of America’s government as outlined in  the Declaration of Independence and codified as the law of the land in the Constitution?

With all of the foregoing in mind, I believe the following to be examples of the rightful kinds of benefits and appropriate services that our federal and state and local governments owe us. To be sure, it would be difficult to sort out with absolute fairness the existing land ownership and financial obligations in conjunction with professional skills and aspirations to facilitate an adequate restructuring and redistribution of wealth, services and employment. But, surely the challenge is worthwhile; it can be no more difficult to voluntarily and peacefully restructure and rebuild the property, commerce and nation that we own – as opposed to invading under false pretenses and rebuilding dozens of foreign nations across the far corners of the world – nations that have rightfully belonged to other peoples, cultures and religions for many centuries and even Millenia.

Logically, the following items are examples of what COMMON SENSE indicates and what the promises of FREEDOM FROM FEAR and FREEDOM FROM WANT imply that law-abiding citizens deserve and should expect from their representative government in America and indeed from all the nations of the world:

  1. A LAND GRANT – a free home-site based on a pro rata share of national land
  2. A HOME – an appropriate residence with minimal federal mortgage or rent
  3. A RELEVANT EDUCATION – tuition-free based on proven skill and aptitude
  4. A SECURE JOB – based on talent with tenure and promotion based on merit
  5. FREE HEALTH CARE – including catastrophic illness and accident insurance
  6. SECURE RETIREMENT – pensions and welfare only for American citizens
  7. PUBLIC SAFETY – safeguards against criminals and especially police abuses
  8. STABLE MONETARY SYSTEM – abolish Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS
  9. REAL NATIONAL SECURITY – no foreign wars for Military-Industrial-Complex
  10. CITIZEN ARMY – universal male military service, no women in combat
  11. NATIONAL GUARD – raised, deployed and controlled by State Governors
  12. THE FULL BILL OF RIGHTS – no exempt special classes, no infringements
  13. CONSTITUTIONAL CITIZENSHIP – no disability clause or status revocation

While the above list may seem idealistic, impractical, communistic, Utopian or even preposterous to some – it is worth noting that at least since the Civil War the US federal government has in fact provided some or all of those services, benefits, concessions and outright gifts of money and products to selected citizens, special groups, organizations and even nations. Furthermore, most of this largess has gone to illegal immigrants, military allies, foreigners, conquered peoples and even enemies. Think about that for a long minute…

The logical conclusion – if one accepts America’s international preeminence vis-a-vis it’s precarious national circumstances – is that it is in the best interest of honest Americans and the world for the United States to rapidly and completely withdraw it’s military and covert forces from the nations it has conquered and occupied. Concurrently, the United States should immediately redirect its national efforts to rebuild its own chaotic government, disintegrating society and crumbling infrastructure – including developing and optimizing its own vast oil, gas, energy, food, production and natural resources. This dramatic and profound  course of action happens also to coincide with the living advice and conforms to the epitaphs of the best and brightest of America’s presidents, statesmen, icons and allied leaders.

“I regret that I am now to die in the belief, that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776, to acquire self- government and happiness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons, and that my only consolation is to be, that I live not to weep over it.

If they would but dispassionately weigh the blessings they will throw away, against an abstract principle more likely to be effected by union than by scission, they would pause before they would perpetrate this act of SUICIDE on themselves, and of treason against the hopes of the world.

To yourself, as the faithful advocate of the Union, I tender the offering of my high esteem and respect.

“Thomas Jefferson Letter to John Holmes (22 April 1820)

My future endeavors –  with your help – will focus on highlighting these goals and the underlying issues for the best and the brightest of all true American patriots – from a perspective of COMMON SENSE.

Stay tuned…