About Colonel Jack Kingston

As former President, of the Spirit of America Foundation, and Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board in Washington D.C. - Colonel Jack Kingston has advised executives, corporations and government agencies at the highest levels. Kingston is also a motivational speaker, author, media commentator, and adjunct professor of history, diplomacy, and religion. His academic credentials include a Master of Arts in National Security from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, as well as, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree, both with distinction from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is a US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) licensed commercial pilot qualified in helicopters, and complex, high-performance airplanes, as well as a PADI licensed Open Water Scuba Diver. Kingston's numerous media appearances as an international expert include; CNN's Crisis in the Gulf, CNN's Prime Time News with Wolf Blitzer, CBS Prime Time News, NBC Evening News, the Aviation Digest, the Voice of America, WNTR's Battleline Radio, "Sonntagsblick" Switzerland's largest Sunday news magazine, Europe's dynamic magazine "NEWS" and Vienna's leading newspaper "Neue Kronen," Israel's "Born In Battle" military journal, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty; as well as - Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Slovenian television. Colonel Kingston is listed in "Washington's Yearbook of Authorities and Experts." His predictions of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the US Capitol have aired live on CNN television news as long ago as 1991. His hard-hitting commentary regarding the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy unfolded live on CNN in 1995 - whereby he coined the phrase "homegrown" referring to both the bombs and the terrorists. Additionally, Colonel Kingston has been an eyewitness to the incredible victories, terrible tragedies and political travesties of American military, intelligence and peacekeeping operations in ongoing regional conflicts worldwide. A combat arms soldier since 1969, Colonel Kingston is a Senior Aviator qualified in AH-1S Cobra gunships; he qualified as a Green Beret during the Vietnam-Era in 1971, is a Commandant's List Graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College, and is a 1994 graduate of the elite Army War College. Jack Kingston has served in SOCSOUTH, SOCCCENT, and SOCEUR; has completed numerous tours of the Balkan War Zone since 1992, and has played critical roles in multi-national operations in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Panama, Korea, Cyprus, Russia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia, Sudan and Kenya. Since 1980 Kingston has authored or edited, a multitude of innovative articles and reports recommending reforms and initiatives in international affairs, including; The Middle East: Geo-Political Fault Line, Air-Land Battle 2000, The Impact of Television in Vietnam, Back to the Future: U.S. War-Fighting Capability to 2020 and America Must Lead. His work in high-technology combat developments in the 1970-1980s earned him numerous awards and the title of Honorary Editor, US Army Aviation Digest for his cutting-edge "combat power" articles and the world's first Helicopter-Air-to-Air Combat Concept. Most remarkably, Colonel Kingston's innovative recommendations contributed directly to the Secretary of Defense's "Commission on the Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces."